This Should Be Interesting

Hold on, dear, I'm having a thoughtI’ve been asked to participate in a panel discussion tonight at the Silver Screens Arts Festival, following a screening of Andrew Wagner’s fine literary drama “Starting Out in the Evening” — the one with Frank Langella as an aging author grappling with old projects and new opportunities. (Here’s my Metro review.)

I can’t really imagine what I can bring to the conversation, other than my appreciation of the performances and the film’s excellent use of Lower Manhattan locations, but they seemed to want me, and my good friend Kevin Courrier is running the panel, so I’m in.

I wish I could tell you how much the tickets cost, or where to buy them, but the festival’s website is kind of underdetailed when it comes to that stuff, which is a little frustrating. So maybe you should just go out and get the DVD, and imagine me being witty afterward.

Yes, that sounds like a fine night in.