This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Despite the entreaties of not only myself but literally several¬†other film critics, “Premium Rush” failed to set the box office on fire, opening all the way down in seventh place during one of the year’s weakest weekends.

I mean,¬†“The Expendables 2” managed to hold onto the top spot with just $13.5 million, which is downright pitiful. “Premium Rush”, the biggest opener of any of this week’s newbies, earned just $6.3 million.

It’s not all bad news, mind you; “ParaNorman” continued to do decent business, taking $8.6 million for third place and a ten-day total of $28.3 million. That’s a great movie, and one that deserves as big an audience as possible. But come on, people. Go see “Premium Rush” already.

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