This Can’t Be Good

It certainly looks like the A-30, doesn't it?Hey, remember how the high-def format war was decisively settled, like, a year ago?

Yeah, well. Engadget HD reports that another war is brewing in China, with Warner throwing a few titles out on the emerging CBHD platform.

Now, CBHD evolved out of HD DVD. Warner was one of the earliest supporters of HD DVD, and the studio’s abandonment of the format last January is viewed as the death-blow to the red team.

Does this new development count as ironic? (It’s so hard to tell these days.) Damned if I’m buying another player, though.

One thought on “This Can’t Be Good”

  1. “CBHD will use the AVS audio and video codec, owned by the Chinese government.” Tha suggests a certain amount of muscle behind any forays into the Chinese market, at least.

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