There Will Be No More Paramount HD DVDs

Make sure you turn the lights off, UniversalFollowing up on Bill’s comment earlier this week about Paramount cancelling its HD DVD release of “There Will Be Blood” … well, that’s not the only high-def release the studio has killed.

Turns out “Bee Movie”, “Sweeney Todd”, “The Kite Runner” and the corrected “Jack Ryan Collection” have also been spiked — in other words, Paramount has just scrapped its entire HD slate. When “Into the Wild” and “Things We Lost in the Fire” arrive in stores on Tuesday, they will be the very last HD DVDs to come down from the mountain.

Blu-ray versions have yet to be announced, though they seem inevitable; I’m hoping the lack of solid street-date information means Paramount has gone back to the source material, authoring new transfers that can utilize the 20GB of extra space offered by dual-layer Blu-ray discs over their HD DVD equivalents. “There Will Be Blood’ deserves all the real estate it can get.

Oh, and in other studio news, Warner ate New Line. Which was really just a formality, as I understand it, but still.