There Will Be Blu

There can be only oneBreaking news from Engadget HD: Paramount’s finally back in!

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that studio will rejoin the Blu-ray format in just three weeks’ time, delivering “Next”, “Bee Movie” and the “Face/Off” special edition to stores on May 20th. After that, it’s “Cloverfield” and “There Will Be Blood” on June 3rd, and then “The Spiderwick Chronicles” arrives day-and-date with its standard DVD release on June 24th.

I’m a little surprised at the choice of titles in that first wave; one would think that Paramount would have gone with a selection of its freshest, newest titles (like, say, “Cloverfield” and “There Will Be Blood”) right off the bat, just to get shoppers’ attention. But then there’s probably so much contractual weirdness revolving around “Bee Movie” that it had to be one of the first discs out of the gate, even if it’s already kinda-sorta been released on HD DVD. Jerry will not be denied.

And I love “Face/Off” as much as the next movie nerd, but … “Next”? Seriously? Does Nicolas Cage have Sumner Redstone’s great-grandchildren in a vault somewhere?

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  1. That Bee Movie HD DVD never made it to retail. Deep Discount hasn’t removed the listing because technically Parmount never officially cancelled it, but no copies were distributed.

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