Their Secret Histories

Hello from Los Angeles! I’m just about to run off to a junkety thing, so I’ll keep it short: Here’s a link to this week’s MSN Movies gallery, which uses “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” as the springboard for a look at other movies that turned historical reality into works of spectacular bullshit — um, I mean, which heavily fictionalize real-life personalities and events for the purposes of spectacle.

Consumer advisory: This one’s not a gallery per se, just a single page of text — which is kinda sad, because it’s a fun one and could have used some illustration.

Also, I just realized I left out Cronenberg’s “Naked Lunch”, which sort of creates an alternate history for William S. Burroughs in the same way “Time After Time” turns elements of H.G. Wells’ fiction into narrative reality. Balls.

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