The Word is Given

He gave her back to usWith the onset of summer-blockbuster season comes a certain easing of the release schedule. All the studios are moving out of one another’s way, the better to make sure there’s room enough for each great big tentpole to spend a week at the top of the charts. (It also keeps any one title from being humiliated with a third- or fourth-place opening. Smooth.)

Anyway, fewer big movies will mean more small ones soon enough, as various indies jockey to unload last year’s festival acquisitions and suchlike. But right now, today, it’s blissfully quiet, with only four films opening.

Adoration“: The ossification of Atom Egoyan’s filmmaking style continues unabated with this muzzy thumb-sucker. It’s slightly more bearable than “Where the Truth Lies”, if only because it’s so completely, cluelessly ridiculous in a couple of scenes. (“Have you had lunch?” Oh, we’ve all had lunch, Atom — we just don’t order off the crazy menu.)

“Lymelife”: I’ve managed to miss every opportunity to see this movie, for one reason or another, but Susan loved it — enough that she lobbied to put Alec Baldwin on the cover this week. So that’s an endorsement.

Star Trek“: A week after seeing J.J. Abrams’ exhilarating, affectionate reboot of the beloved SF chestnut, I’m ready — and maybe even eager — to see it again. You don’t get a lot of that when you’re me, is my point.

Tyson“: In which James Toback puts Mike Tyson in front of a camcorder and lets him speak, unchallenged, for an hour and a half. The result is a fascinating, uncomfortable and entirely mesmerizing experience; if Tyson is in any way interesting to you, you’re going to want to check this out.

Onward and upward …

7 thoughts on “The Word is Given”

  1. I’m going conservative with 60 million. Wolverine is still in more theatres and might take a healthy chunk of the action. Star Trek’s core audience is aging and might not want to rush out first weekend. This one looks good. I would rather see it have some legs and earn 200 million over the next 6 weeks.

  2. True, Wolvie may claw away at Trek’s take, but the difference is, Star Trek isn’t a mess. This will go a long way towards reducing Wolverine by this weekend.

    My money is on Trek making way more than expected. Near unanimous acclaim from critics, can’t hurt a popcorn movie.

    Like Norm, I too am gunning to go see it again, with the Mrs…..

  3. hope the receipts are big enough to justify rebooting the animated series. that would be cool.

  4. On another nerd-related topic – unless a miracle happens, RIP to yet another Joss Whedon show.

  5. Honestly, I expect Star Trek to bomb. Why? Because it’s had near-universal praise from critics, great word of mouth, and just about everyone who’s seen it loves it. In other words, it’s a good movie. The audience today doesn’t want good movies. They go out of their way to avoid them at all costs. What they want is more Wolverines. Or something starring Nicolas Cage. OMG, let’s put Nicolas Cage in the next Wolverine movie!

    I’ve heard enough anecdotes about opening night screenings with barely 1/4 full theaters to worry.

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