The Wild One

On this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie, I get to hang out with an actor I’ve admired for a while now: Sara Waisglass, a Degrassi alum who broke out — at least for me — in Molly McGlynn’s first feature Mary Goes Round, and went on to steal scenes in pretty much everything she’s done since. I was delighted to see her turn up as Michaela Watkins’ impulsive daughter in the new mid-life comedy Suze, and we set up her episode to mark that film’s arrival on VOD today.

And Sara did not disappoint, suggesting we talk about Promising Young Woman, Emerald Fennell’s hot-button drama starring Carey Mulligan as a med-school dropout who’s refashioned herself into an avenging angel and Bo Burnham as the nice guy who might offer her a way back to herself … or not.

I had some issues with the film, as you may recall, but Sara was more than up for that conversation … and I’m really happy with the breadth of the episode. So get to it! Find the show at the usual locations — Apple PodcastsGoogle PlaySpotify — or download the episode directly from the web and listen to it while you’re killing time at a downtown bar, looking for … prospects.

And then, you can catch up on Shiny Things. Not that it’ll take long; this week was pretty quiet, other than a quick check-in on the state of physical media (improving) and my efforts to unpack my own collection after eight months (much improved). But there’s more to come, and if you’re not a subscriber, you might miss it! So subscribe already! I’ve been writing this thing for almost two years now, jeez.

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