The Way Forward

You want to go to thereSo here we are, facing the end of another year. On the upside, I didn’t lose as many friends and family members in 2008 as I did in 2006 or 2007; of course, after 2006 and 2007 I don’t have as many friends and family members to lose, so statistically that was probably bound to happen.

Let’s stick to the upside, shall we? Cannes. Vienna. London, more than once. A great new job, which came complete with awesome benefits, a lovely new group of friends and heightened visibility, for good or ill. (This week, with the online bitching about my review of “Toronto Storiesstill ongoing, falls over on the “ill” side of the scale.)

Marriage going well. Health seems good. I turned forty without developing any mysterious lumps, boils or goiters. Oh, and in similar life-changing news, the magnificent Caplansky’s opened within walking distance of my house. Upside: The walk helps works off the exquisite smoked-meat sammiches. Downside: I could, conceivably, eat exquisite smoked-meat sammiches six days a week.

No, wait, that’s an upside too.

Happy New Year, everybody. If you really have nothing to do today, check out my silly (but entirely credible) trendspotting piece in today’s paper, and then brave the freezing cold for a sammich or two. Because sammiches are really the best insulation.

Ask the dogs. They know.

4 thoughts on “The Way Forward”

  1. As much as I love the smoked meat at Caplansky’s, I think the poutine may be his best dish. Just awesome, distilled essence of smokeymeatgoodness. With cheese! On fries!

    So what was with cheap shot at Caplansky’s in NOW’s best of list? It would make sense if all those chowhounds were making the claim that Caplansky’s was better then Schwartz’s, but from what I’ve seen, they tend to state the opposite.

  2. Mark, you can’t think less of it than I do. (Apologies to Nathan’s sensibilities, but poutine, in any city, is a tool of the devil.)

    The smoked-meat sammiches at Caplansky’s, though … they’re something special. Not quite of Toronto, not quite of Montreal, but distinctive and delicious. And you really have to try the knish.

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