The Waste Land

With Avengers: All The Avenging And Then More Avenging expected to continue dominating the global box office this weekend, the studios are using the frame to dump movies that — to put it kindly — won’t be missed.

I am all about putting it kindly. Well, except for Tully and that stupid, stupid twist.

Backstabbing for Beginners: After this, the last Underworld movie and The Secret Scripture, I will now actively avoid movies with Theo James in them. His woodenness only calls attention to the general lameness of this plodding docudrama.

Bad Samaritan: Dean Devlin pivots from Geostorm‘s grand-scale stupidity to modestly scaled dumbness for this thriller about a petty thief (Robert Sheehan) who runs afoul of a calculating maniac (David Tennant) and lives to regret it. At least it looks nice.

102 Not Out: Sony’s latest Bollywood import arrives in release without an advance screening. So there we are.

Tully: Young Adult power players Jason Reitman, Charlize Theron and Diablo Cody reunite for a dull, empty drama about an exhausted mother whose life is recharged by the arrival of a manic pixie dream nanny (Mackenzie Davis). But there’s a twist! And it makes no sense! You’ll be very angry!

Anyway, that’s everything that’s opening. Oh, and I’ve also got a look at this year’s Inside Out festival on the NOW site. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The Waste Land”

  1. For once, I think your turn of phrase (“manic pixie dream nanny”) was oh-so-slightly beaten by another reviewer (Christy Lemire), who referred to Tully as a “nanny pixie dream girl.” And once again, referencing a bad twist at the end only makes me want to see the movie more but wait to see it for free. (Nothing has quite topped Orphan, though. It is the standard by which I judge these things.)

    1. Ooh, that’s a tricky one. “Nanny pixie dream girl” is good but it doesn’t feel right to me — also, it loses the “manic”, which really does apply to Davis’ performance.

      Also TULLY is awful and you shouldn’t see it. At least ORPHAN has fun with itself.

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