The Traveler’s Lament

Not actual sizeThat was probably the fastest turnaround I’ve ever done to Los Angeles — 35 hours from gate to gate, not even long enough to worry about jet lag. So I’m home now, wishing I’d brought a box of bearclaws from the little donut place next door to the Pantages on Hollywood Boulevard, and marvelling at the thought that, yeah, I was on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday. Sunset, too, just steps from the magnificence of the Cinerama Dome. Someday I’ll actually see a movie inside the damn thing.

And now I’m back in Toronto, and it’s cold and it’s raining, but at least Dexter was happy to see me. It’s nice to be home.

In other, far more unpleasant news, Uwe Boll is making a movie about Auschwitz. Good luck trying to sleep tonight.

2 thoughts on “The Traveler’s Lament”

  1. All I can think of is Walter’s reaction in ‘The Big Lebowski’.

    “Nothing ever changes…”

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