The State of the Arts

This week in NOW, we use the Oscar attention showered on The Shape of Water to consider what that means for the larger Toronto film and TV industry, and whether we can leverage that into getting people to actually watch Canadian movies as well as movies that are made in Canada.

I talked  to J. Miles Dale, who produced The Shape of Water with Guillermo Del Toro and now shares in the film’s Best Picture nomination — which is, frankly, amazing. (We first met on the set of an episode of Top Cops. I’m delighted for him.) And I talked to Avi Federgreen, who is also my guest on this week’s episode of the podcast — a coincidence, honestly, since I’ve been planning to hook that episode to IndieCan’s 100th release for a while.

Anyway, it’s a thorny issue and I barely scratched its surface in the space available. Let’s start a conversation.

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