The Shadow Does Not Explode

As you may have heard, I was not all that impressed by David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method“. I wanted to be; as I find myself saying over and over again these days, I think Cronenberg is one of the greatest directors (if not the greatest) this country has produced, and I think it speaks to his intelligence and his integrity that he’s chosen to stay independent and make the films he wants to make.

This one’s just not very good, is all. But Cronenberg was gracious enough to talk about it at TIFF last September all the same, as were co-stars Viggo Mortensen and Sarah Gadon, in separate interviews. (Just ran into Gadon again Tuesday night at the TFCA dinner; she’s going places, that kid.) Pick up this week’s NOW and you’ll find the telepod fusion of my conversations with Cronenberg and Mortensen; later this afternoon, there’ll be an exclusive online Q&A with Gadon.

As it happens, I saw Gadon just the other night; she was gracious enough to introduce Joe Cornish at the TFCA gala. Which was all kinds of fun, even if I couldn’t convince her to say “gorilla-wolf motherfuckers” as written.

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  1. All I know Sarah Gadon from is The Moth Diaries. The movie is absolutely horrible, and she’s just plain terrible in it. (But then, all of the performances in it are terrible.) It could be a career killer, when (if) it ever opens. She ought to pray every night that it gets shelved indefinitely.

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