The Season May Change, But the Movies Keep Coming

'YODEL! The movie' does sound like a long shot, when you think about it ...If it’s September — and it is — then it must be time for my elaborate Fall Movie Preview, now up at MSN Movies.

My one regret is that there wasn’t room for the M. Night Shyalaman-produced “Devil”, which seems to suggest that the former wunderkind’s future lies exclusively in thinking up ideas that wouldn’t have passed muster on the original “Twilight Zone”, and letting someone else make them.

(See, there’s a bunch of people stuck in an elevator … and apparently one of them is … THE DEVIL!!!)

(Yes, seriously.)

(No wonder people are laughing the trailer off the screen.)

2 thoughts on “The Season May Change, But the Movies Keep Coming”

  1. Although “Buried” sounds like it has limited product placement opportunities, I would expect at least one…”Can you hear me now?”

  2. Oh, don’t limit yourself like that. He’s obviously using a Samsung smartphone running Android apps from Google. While he waits for help to locate him by the phone’s GPS chip, he can bide his time by playing “Tap Tap Revenge”. 🙂

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