The Outside Story

The cover of NOW Magazine's Walking Toronto issue.On today’s episode of NOW What, I tee up another panel from Rad, in which he assembles five photographers — one of whom is Sam Engelking, who shot that portrait of me and Dexter back in 2018 –to talk about shooting the city for Instagram, and how that’s helped them maintain their sanity through this long pandemic year. Also, it’ll make you nostalgic for the days when you could just, you know, go outside.

You can find it on on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or right here at the bottom of Rad’s story.

And then read the rest of the paper! This week’s What to Watch column is filled with stuff, and because of embargoes (and its general awfulness) you can find my stand-alone review of Thunder Force here. Remember, I watch these movies so you don’t have to.

When can I start drinking? I’ve been so good this week.

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