The Opportunists

Adam Ant returns from the crypt to feed once moreThe week before the American Thanksgiving holiday is notoriously quiet, as the majors prepare for the biggest Wednesday of the year … leaving a hole open for everyone else. Oh, and Disney.

Ballast“: Lance Hammer’s indie drama is a calm, measured and utterly devastating study of three lives on a collision course on the Mississippi Delta. Yes, I know, that’s annoyingly vague; the mechanics of the plot are so delicate that I don’t want to risk denting them. Anyway, great movie, please go see it.

“Bolt”: John Travolta is a talking dog! Miley Cyrus is a talking person! Animated adventure ensues! I, um, had scheduling conflicts.

“Growing Op”: Didn’t see this one, either, but it stars Wallace Langham, whom I’ve enjoyed ever since his glory days fighting with Sarah Silverman on “The Larry Sanders Show” — and Adam found it inoffensive.

“I Can’t Think Straight”: The other Lisa Ray/Sheetal Seth/Shamim Sarif movie to open in Toronto this month, after “The World Unseen” two weeks ago; this one’s a contemporary romantic comedy about women in love, which Susan found far more palatable.

“Repo! The Genetic Opera”: Were you as disappointed as I was when Anthony Stewart Head literally bumped into Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s “Sweeney Todd”, and wandered off without singing a note? Well, now’s your chance to hear those pipes a-bursting in the service of Darren Lynn Bousmann’s gore-drenched rock opera, which Barrett holds in pretty high regard.

“Twilight”: She gave us this generation’s “Reefer Madness” with “Thirteen”, turned “Lords of Dogtown” into a self-satisfied snooze and turned “The Nativity Story” into a Grade-Z act of Christian pandering; now, Catherine Hardwicke takes Stephenie Meyer’s young-adult novel and turns it into a borderline incompetent movie of the week, built around the wet-blanket Kristen Stewart and the truly ridiculous Robert Pattinson. Yeah, it’s going to make money. No, there won’t be another one any time soon.

Gotta run — CTV Newsnet wants me on to talk about “Twilight”. 11:15 am, Rogers cable 62; check it out, if you’re able.