The Night He Came Home (Again)

Just nine movies open this weekend, which counts as a nice lull from where I’m sitting. And some of them are really good, too! Shall we do the rundown?

Beautiful Boy: Addiction tale comes loaded, doesn’t deliver.

The Guilty: Danish Oscar contender; real nail-biter. [Glenn]

Halloween: Finally, somebody made a decent sequel.

The Happy Prince: Rupert Everett goes Wilde, misses mark. [But Glenn liked it.]

The New Romantic: Young woman seeks love, finds bracelet.

The Oath: As America burns, a family fights.

Sharkwater Extinction: Rob Stewart died fulfilling his purpose.

Transformer: Bodybuilder changes gender, can’t stop lifting. [Kevin]

22 July: Paul Greengrass does his docudrama thing.

So, yeah. Plenty of good stuff to see. And start with Halloween if you’re even the slightest bit curious; no point in letting people spoil it for you.

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