The Nerd King

In this week’s NOW, I get to talk to Brian Posehn, the stand-up comedian and Mr. Show veteran who’s been knocking around popular culture for the last decade and a half. (He was in Toronto for the premiere of the LARPing comedy Lloyd the Conqueror, which exists primarily to demonstrate how silly Posehn looks in a cleric hat.)
I also take a look at the first annual Blood in the Snow Canadian horror film festival, which takes over the Projection Booth East this weekend. (Beyond the Black Rainbow is in there, by the way.)
This being a quiet week, that’s pretty much it as far as features go. But don’t worry, we’ll be ramping back up to full power really soon …

3 thoughts on “The Nerd King”

  1. I’m speaking to you as a person and not just this article when I say this, but considering how astoundingly small-minded you are, there’s absolutely no reason that you should be voicing your opinion as a job. You are unable to appreciate anything that doesn’t cater specifically to a privileged, ignorant, straight white man.
    You are incapable of assessing a film for its merit; you’re focused on whether or not it makes you feel good about your limited consciousness.

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