The Most Happy Fellow

Tommy-Lee-Jones-in-The-Homesman-570x294In this week’s NOW, I fulfill the lifelong dream of every entertainment journalist and interview Tommy Lee Jones.

I am only slightly being sarcastic. Jones is a famously difficult interview, cranky and dismissive, and most journalists have at least one story of the man being a total dick to them.  Some of those stories are pretty funny, too.

But spend enough time around press junkets and you become very sympathetic to the actors who have no patience for vapid questions about whether they’re planning to make another Fugitive sequel or why they only appear in Men in Black 3 for ten minutes or whatever.

Anyway, I was willing to give Jones the benefit of the doubt; I try really hard not to ask stupid questions, and this interview was centered on a movie he’d co-written and directed as well as acted in, so clearly it was important to him. Maybe we’d manage to have a decent conversation.

And I would say we kind of did. Check it out, and listen to the audio clip at the bottom, and you tell me.

Oh, and I also wrote some words about the Regent Park Film Festival. That was a lot less tense.

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