The Maple Leaf Forever

Sometimes, one solitude is all you needIt’s all Oscar, all the time this weekend — I’ll be liveblogging Sunday night’s ceremony, along with seemingly everyone else in the media — but over at Sympatico/MSN, we’ve carved out a little space to do something a little different.

With “The Necessities of Life” opening on Toronto screens this weekend (scheduled to capitalize on an Oscar nomination that never happened), we figured we could offer a little love to Canadian movies. So here’s a gallery of eight distinctly Canadian films, for your consideration and your love … and no, “Goin’ Down the Road” did not make the cut. We need to get past that, as a society.

You know I’m right, eh?

3 thoughts on “The Maple Leaf Forever”

  1. Last Night? Really??? I saw it, like, 3 weeks ago and have already all but forgotten it.

    Definitely agree on Jesus of Montreal, Mon Oncle Antoine and C.R.A.Z.Y though.

  2. Being a 19th Century kind of guy, I’ve never understood the concept of live-blogging the Oscars. Aren’t your potential readers belly up to the telly? Drunk and/or rendered technologically incapable by the sight of Hugh Jackman in wolverine Danskins?

    Best Canadian movie. Either Les Bons Debarras or Air Bud, I’m still deciding 🙂

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