The Man Comes Around

The man from the triple-A seemed kind of cranky that morningThis week’s Sympatico/MSN DVD column focuses on “No Country for Old Men”, which is arriving on disc just two weeks after its triumph at the Academy Awards.

I was going to say something clever about it now having the chance to piss off a much larger audience with its ambiguous morality and open-ended nature, but it turns out the film’s already quite a hit: It’s grossed $64 million during its domestic theatrical run, which is pretty impressive for a Coen brothers picture.

For some reason, I’d been thinking “Juno” was the only one of this year’s Best Picture contenders that had really made an impact at the box office. Maybe that’s because its popularity was an element of its marketing …

3 thoughts on “The Man Comes Around”

  1. Juno was the only of the Best Picture nominees to cross $100 million at the domestic box office. That’s probably what you were thinking of.

  2. That may be impressive for a Coen Brothers film, but it’s paltry for a Best Picture winner. Even its post Oscar box office bump wasn’t very significant, probably the smallest ever for a Best Picture winner not already out on DVD.

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