The Longest Weekend

Labor Day weekend is historically the slowest box-office weekend of the year, which has led to distributors treating it as a dumping ground … and offering a clear field for Sony’s 40th anniversary re-release of Close Encounters. So that’s nice.

Blood Honey: A young woman returns home to the family island after many years away, decides her family is up to something. Or are they? It doesn’t matter. You won’t care.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Yep, still a goddamn masterwork. I’ll never get tired of writing about it.

Tulip Fever: Well, if nothing else they finally released it so we can all see it exists.

Anyway, that’s everything. Go see Close Encounters. Totally holds up.

One thought on “The Longest Weekend”

  1. Disappointing about Tulip Fever. I had my fingers crossed for that one. And why does everyone, except Christoph Waltz, sound, or try to sound, English in 17th-century Holland? Even Waltz doesn’t sound Dutch (accent nitpick!). They could have just aimed for the more familiar South African accent; it’s reasonably close for not very nice historical reasons. Given that, maybe Jared Harris would have been better than Waltz as the older husband. His South African-ish accent in The Expanse was great, and unlike Waltz, he actually seems different in each part he plays. Throw Charlize Theron in there somewhere. I’d do better to wait for this on Netflix and play fix-the-movie, wouldn’t I? 🙁

    At least Dunkirk lived up to expectations.

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