The Last of Summer

f2be8a2401a31135f5b0da399c9af01cSure feels like summer’s winding down, doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s because The November Man is opening in theatres today, and isn’t very good. Maybe it’s because this week’s heat wave lasted exactly 23 hours before breaking. Or maybe it’s because I’ve just interviewed Alastair Fothergill about making a documentary about Alaskan brown bears in wintry climes.

Oh, no, I know why it feels like the season’s drawing to a close: Tonight’s my last evening at Harbourfront, presenting the audience’s choice for the final Free Flicks screening: Bridesmaids.

The running time means we’ll be starting a little on the early side — maybe around 8:30 pm? — so be sure to take that into account when you head down.

And do join us. It’s been a fun season, and this should make for a great closer.

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