The Inspirations

You may have noticed I don’t do too many interviews for NOW these days , but sometimes the stars align. This week finds me talking my head off — and they’re all really great conversations.

In the print edition, I talk to John Boyega, whom you may have noticed being awesome in Attack the Block and the new Star Wars movies, about his role in Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit. The movie has some pacing issues, but Boyega is amazing in it, offering a whole new side of himself we’ve never seen before. So, you know, make a note of that.

But that in no way is all: Later today, you’ll see my web Q&A with Al freaking Gore, accompanied by Participant Pictures honcho Jeff Skoll, on their new documentary An Inconvenient Sequel, and another one Jenny Slate, who’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite people, on Landline, which reunites her with Obvious Child‘s Gillian Robespierre and wound up having even more resonance than either of them expected.

So, yeah! People have stuff to say! Go find out what it is!

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