The Fog of War

Happy new year, one and all! You didn’t get me anything? That’s okay, I have a brand-new episode of Someone Else’s Movie for you! This should not come as a surprise, since it’s Tuesday and that’s just how I roll.

This week, Marvin Kaye — an actor, writer and producer who created Less Than Kind and turns up most unexpectedly as the Burly Russian in The Shape of Water — joins me to talk about his abiding love for Bruce Beresford’s merciless Breaker Morant, the Australian courtroom drama that became an international art-house hit for reasons I’ve never been able to fathom. We talk about that, and plenty of other stuff, so give it a listen!

You can get the episode in all of the usual ways: Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play or Stitcher, or just go straight to the show site and stream or download it as you please. So get to it, please and thank you.

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