The Day After Turkey

I am in New York experiencing no regret at all for what I did last night. (God bless The Dutch, by the way.)

Still, it’s a Friday morning and movies are opening, so here we go.

Assholes: A Theory: Documentary shines light on bad behavior.

Dark Waters: Haynes and Ruffalo invigorate standard fare.

Honey Boy: Shia tells his own story, beefily. [Rad, going up soon.]

I Lost My Body: Macabre French animated drama proves haunting.

Stand!Strike! The Musical, now a movie.

The Two Popes: That’s too many popes, man! (Meh.)

Varda by Agnes: One last visit before we go. [Kevin]

And that’s everything! Have a great weekend, everybody. Keep an eye on my Instagram feed to see what I’m eating.

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