The Danger Zone Reopens for Business

What's that? Talk louder, I'm still pretty hungoverI try not to get excited about television shows that don’t even air in Canada, but I’ll make an exception for this:

Woo hoo! “Archer” is coming back!

The AV Club reports that the brilliant FX animated comedy — imagine the original “Mission: Impossible” if the IMF was staffed entirely with perverts, narcissists and perverted narcissists — will start its second season on the U.S. cable channel on January 27, 2011.

Sorry? You’ve never heard of “Archer”? Well, best pre-order the DVD of the first season, which comes out December 28th. And then you’ll know.

Oh, you’ll know plenty.

3 thoughts on “The Danger Zone Reopens for Business”

  1. Thanks for pointing out the brilliance of this show, I can’t stop telling friends about it.

    May it air for years to come!

  2. This show is brilliant.

    But, for the record, it does air in Canada. Sundays at 11 on Teletoon.

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