The Bounty

Movies! Now more than ever! Or at least it feels that way, since I’m about sixty movies into TIFF and stuff is just pouring into theatres. You can read the longer version at NOW, or the six-word summaries below …

The Children Act: Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci! Woo! [Susan]

Life in the Doghouse: Good men rescue good dogs. Good.

Mandy: The Nicolas Cage chainsaw fight movie.

The Predator: Shane Black saves franchise with flair.

A Simple Favor: Fun, but it’s no Gone Girl.

That Summer: Before Grey Gardens was Grey Gardens.

White Boy Rick: Hustler deals drugs, sells out friends. [Rad]

Oh, and I also reviewed the fifth season of Bojack Horseman, which is as good as all the previous seasons of Bojack Horseman, which is to say that it’s one of the best shows on television. Hollywoo forever.

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  1. Why I have half a mind to binge the new season of Bojack on my vacation next week. I’m guessing the penultimate episode this season is also a major kick in the urethra? That’s okay. Nothing on the outside, nothing on the inside.

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