The Bothersome Man

I don't know who took this photo, but THANK YOUWhile I was in Vancouver last week, and away from the internet, the Onion’s AV Club posted a lengthy interview with Uwe Boll, on the occasion of the back-to-back DVD releases of his latest film, “Bloodrayne II: Deliverance”, and a special edition of “Alone in the Dark”, which makes a terrible film so much more entertaining by pretending it’s worthy of elaborate dissection.

I used to dismiss Boll as a hack, but in the last year or so — as he’s boxed his critics, proclaimed his films to be great art, and declared, as he does in this interview, that his new film, which features Verne Troyer in a role originally written for Gary Coleman and a full-frontal appearance by Dave Foley, is “the most important movie after September 11” — he’s become something so much more.

He’s truly the Ed Wood of his day, an inept but incredibly enthusiastic maker of movies that are not nearly as important, or as competent, as he believes them to be.

Actually, throw in the German thing and the obsession with the intellectual weight of his work, and he’s more like Werner Herzog … you know, if Herzog had sustained a massive head injury as a teenager, robbing him of his sense of taste.

Also, he thinks “Dr. Strangelove” was produced during the McCarthy era.