4 thoughts on “The Bond Identity”

  1. Norm, you listed On Her Majesty’s Secret Service as one of this week’s new 007 Collector’s Edition DVDs. That should say Moonraker.

  2. Josh – I built my title list from the information provided by MGM’s Canadian publicists.

    This might come down to a regional difference — I know there are titles that are exclusive to Best Buy in the U.S., and it’s possible that one of the big-box chains has the exclusive rights to “Moonraker” up here, though I can’t imagine why they’d want it …

  3. Hey Norm,

    Have you previewed any of the older Bond films now on Blu ray? I heard they were all restored to a new level not seen before. Can you confirm this? Is this another marketing ploy that would make George Lucas blush with pride about recycling older film libraries? On some Bond titles I’ve gone through VHS to Laser to DVD…I’m wondering if the buck should stop here.


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