The Big Weekend

Non-Stop-MovieIt’s Oscar weekend, so we’re supposed to be all excited about watching the ceremonies on Sunday night. And I guess I sort of am, if only because it looks like either Steve McQueen or Alfonso Cuaron is going to win Best Director this year, and I love both of those guys.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter for live commentary on the Academy Awards, and to see where else I’ll be turning up on the global mediascape. (I’m doing a thing for The Ryersonian’s live Oscar blog this afternoon at 4 pm, for instance.) And maybe you’ll want to watch a movie over the weekend, so here’s the information you need on this week’s releases:

Non-Stop: Yes, it’s Die Hard on a transatlantic flight — or Snakes on a Plane without the snakes — but it’s also just plain good. Plus, it lets Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore share the screen without being in Chloe, so it’s got that going for it.

Omar: Paradise Now writer-director Hany Abu-Assad returns to the conflict with a moody, slow-cooker study of a young Palestinian activist caught between his friends and the Israeli secret service. Up for the Foreign-Language prize on Sunday.

Solo: This modest Canadian survival thriller may seem a little less impressive in the wake of Katie Aselton’s more complex (and more cruel) Black Rock, but it works on its own terms. And Annie Clark — of Degrassi, not St. Vincent — is very strong in the lead.

Son of God: Having cleaned up with their miniseries adaptation of The Bible, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey return to the trough with a feature-length study of the life of Jesus. Title kinda gives the plot away, though. UPDATE: Rad was not a fan.

Stalingrad: Overblown action choreography meets obvious melodrama in Feodor Bondarchuk’s IMAX 3D war movie, which was Russia’s official submission for the Foreign-Language Oscar this year. It is not very good.

And there we are! See you on the global mediascape …

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