The Big Push

This week on Someone Else’s Movie, my guest is JC MacKenzie , an actor who’s been in absolutely goddamn everything from Clockers and He Got Game to The Aviator and The Departed.

He also pops up in The Irishman, and you can see him hunting monsters (and smooching Tamara Taylor) in the fun new genre series October Faction, which debuted on Netflix just last week.

And what did he want to talk about? Why, 1917, the Sam Mendes WWI picture that takes us through No Man’s Land in a single, uninterrupted take — and which has emerged as an unlikely front-runner in this year’s Oscar race. (I mean, anything but Joker, sure. But even so.)

Anyway, we had a fun conversation about much more than the one movie. Wanna listen? Of course you do! Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play and Stitcher to get the episode instantly, or stream it on Spotify, or just download it directly from the web like an animal. And brace yourself. It gets messy.

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