The Best DVDs of 2007

It's a tie!It's a tie!Sorry for keeping you waiting until midafternoon, but Sympatico/MSN has only just posted my latest DVD column, running down the best discs of 2007.

I’ve broadened the scope of my coverage to include high-def titles this year, with HD and BD titles each getting their own subsection; why pretend we’re still waiting for a single format to emerge victorious?

It’s never going to end. Never ever ever.

2 thoughts on “The Best DVDs of 2007”

  1. So, does this mean that you broke down and bought an HD DVD and/or Blu-ray player?

    Also, you state several times in the column that Resident Evil: Apocalypse is new to DVD this week. It’s actually Resident Evil: Extinction. Apocalypse was the 2nd movie.

  2. Crap! You’re right! I’ll get my editor to make the change as quickly as possible; thanks for the catch. (I was making that switch all through September, too; I blame post-TIFF exhaustion, which apparently has never let up.)

    And yeah, I caved — after a disastrous couple of days with LG’s second-gen combo player just before Christmas, I brought a PS3 home last week and will be picking up a Toshiba HD-A30 tomorrow. It’s time to work high-def from home.

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