The Also-Rans

This week’s big guns — Beautiful CreaturesA Good Day to Die Hard and Safe Haven — came out blazing yesterday, but there’s still plenty of stuff opening today. Shall we flip through the slate?

The Berlin File: A North Korean superspy finds himself a moving target when his cover is blown in Ryoo Seung-wan’s extremely — and, some might say, unnecessarily — complicated espionage picture.

Escape from Planet Earth: Brendan Fraser, Rob Corddry, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ricky Gervais lend their voices to this animated adventure, which looks like Monsters vs. Aliens collided with Planet 51. Not screened for press. Uh-oh.

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III: In which we discover that Roman Coppola cannot be trusted to work on his own, or with Charlie Sheen. I still like CQ, though.

Grave Encounters 2: You didn’t know there was a Grave Encounters 1? Join the club. But John finds plenty to like in John Poliquin’s out-of-nowhere horror sequel.

Shadows of Liberty: Jean-Philippe Tremblay’s breathless documentary warns us, as stridently as possible, that corporate ownership of media will lead to the death of independent journalism. I agree with the thesis, but not the manner of delivery.

And that’s everything! Enjoy the long weekend, folks! Unless we all get killed by that asteroid, of course.

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