That’s Better

I'm having wicked deja vu right nowMy latest MSN DVD column is up, featuring “The Informant!” and “The House of the Devil” — two very contemporary films that cloak themselves in the trappings of the 1970s and the 1980s, respectively.

And the new issue of NOW is on the stands, where you’ll find my interview with Breck Eisner, who’s just remade “The Crazies”. Sometime later today they’ll post my Q&A with Oren Moverman, director of “The Messenger”, and I’ll throw up a link when they do. (UPDATE: Thrown!)

But now I have a lot of work ahead of me, so if it’s okay with you guys I’ll just post this and get back to it …

5 thoughts on “That’s Better”

  1. I purchased ‘The House of the Devil’ based on the hype. Haven’t yet watched it. Busy week.

    Being a 905 animal, I had to hunt for it. Future Shops and Best Buys I visited were without said title. I eventually had to swallow my pride and go to the HMV at Markville, where they had one copy buried in their DVD bins.

    Now I’m grateful that they didn’t apply the $10-$20 Mall Tax usually pressed on non-featured new media; however, it’s increasingly tough to find many new video releases without mail-ordering them or venturing to downtown Toronto. Or downloading them.

  2. @ Mark — I’m more than a little disappointed to hear “The House of the Devil” isn’t being carried at the bigger chains; it’s an E1 Entertainment release, and they’re a pretty big label. (“Sorority Row” was everywhere this week.)

    Maybe times are so tight that no one wants to gamble on an unknown title taking valuable shelf space from “Don Cherry’s Rock ’em Sock ’em Hockey 21”.

    And there’s no reason not to buy stuff online, if you can’t find it in your neighborhood. delivers in the wink of an eye these days.

  3. Sorry Norm – I count online ordering under mail order. Perfectly fine doing so for obscure, obtuse or back-catalogue fare…but it is annoying to have to resort to it for a ‘reasonably’ anticipated new release.

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