Ten, Twenty, Thirty

This week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie is kinda neat, in that it features me talking to an actual film professional who’s also an actual friend.

I’ve known Daniela Saioni for thirty years, ever since we met in film school; I dropped out to pursue writing, and she stuck with the program and built a great career as a script supervisor and occasional writer, with side gigs as a stand-up comic and storyteller. So when the opportunity came up to get her on the podcast, how could I refuse?

Daniela picked Grosse Pointe Blank, John Cusack and George Armitage’s perpetually underrated action-comedy masterpiece that marks its 20th anniversary this year. And given that the film is about a 10th anniversary class reunion, it seemed even more apt for our conversation.

Are you excited yet? Well, go get it! It’s on iTunesGoogle Play and Stitcher, or right here at the show site. This one’s a lot of fun, but then how could it not be?

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