Tat and Tom and Daniel and Me

This week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie is really special, in more ways than one. Regular listeners know that Tatiana Maslany is basically the reason the podcast exists — it was a digression about Under the Skin during a phone interview with her about Cas and Dylan that ultimately led me to the concept. (Well, that and a subsequent conversation with Seymour Bernstein.)

Anyway, it took two years — she’s busy and all — but I finally got her for the podcast, along with her partner Tom Cullen, with whom she co-stars in Joey Klein’s crushingly intimate The Other Half , which comes to VOD in Canada today and arrives in American theatrical release on Friday.

They picked There Will Be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic 2007 study of a ferocious oil baron carving his way across America in the early decades of the 20th century. It’s a hell of a movie, and a hell of an episode — we got all hopped up on sugar and jumped right into Daniel Day-Lewis impressions, basically. It was as good a conversation as I’ve ever had for this show, and almost exactly two years to the day after launching the podcast I’m delighted to be able to share it with you.

You know the drill, right? You can find it on iTunesGoogle Play and Stitcher, or download it right from the site. Please do that. This one’s a joy.

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