Tall Tales

philomena_denchcooganI’ve interviewed Steve Coogan a few times over the last decade — we first met in 2005 when he and Michael Winterbottom brought Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story to TIFF — and it’s no secret that I kind of love the guy.

(I kind of love Winterbottom too, which is why it’s so tragic that the pair’s most recent collaboration, The Look of Love, went straight to DVD up here and isn’t even getting a North American Blu-ray release.)

Anyway, Coogan was back at TIFF this year with Philomena, a fine stranger-than-fiction road movie for which he has a better-than-average chance of landing a screenwriting Oscar nomination, at least. We talked about it, and you’ll find that interview in the new issue of NOW. Be sure to play the audio clips, too.

I also wrote a couple of things about TIFF’s Joel and Ethan Coen retrospective, which should get the blood up in anticipation of Inside Llewyn Davis; here are some thoughts about the series, and my pick of the Coens’ five best sequences.

Also, the 2013 Brazil Film Fest is in town and I watched some of it.

In other news: Happy Thanksgiving, America! I’m coming for your pies! Hope that doesn’t sound too weird.

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