Sweet Merciful Crap

This is indeed a disturbing universe: “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1” grossed a staggering $139.5 million — the biggest opening in months, and the second-biggest opening for the franchise since “New Moon” bowed to $142.8 million two years ago.

And the operative word is grossed, given the film’s repugnant abstinence agenda and creepy, possibly unconscious domestic-violence allegory. Worse, the uptick in interest from chapter three to chapter four probably means that “Breaking Dawn, Part 2″ is going to open even bigger next year.

Worse news? “Happy Feet Two“, a sequel that actually makes the whole weird-and-allegorical thing work, was ignored in the stampede, slouching into second place with a relatively piddly $22 million. Poor George Miller; it’s “Babe: Pig in the City” all over again.

I should probably just retire.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Merciful Crap”

  1. Opening “Happy Feet Two” on the same weekend as “Twilight” was a really stupid decision on the studio’s part. I’m sure on paper it looked like good counter-programming, but if working in an office with mostly females in their 30’s and 40’s has taught me anything, it’s that middle-aged women love Stephanie Meyer’s disturbing bullshit even more than teenage girls do. With the mom demographic already buying a huge percentage of the tickets sold for “Twilight”, taking the kids to “Happy Feet” the same weekend was a little too much to ask.

    I’m sure it will do very well for itself this coming Holiday weekend though…

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