Surveillance Tapes

On this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie, director William Oldroyd — whose Lady Macbeth just opened at the Lightbox last weekend, and is quite good — drops by to discuss Michael Haneke’s Caché. Neat, huh?

It’s the first time anyone’s brought a Haneke film onto the show, so naturally the conversation ranges across his entire filmography. I think you’ll enjoy it, even if you share my opinion that Haneke is an incredibly uneven filmmaker. (That said, Caché is one of his very best, and I was delighted to be able to talk about it.)

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Also, I made my glorious return to the Toronto Mike’d podcast yesterday as part of his Kick Out the Jams program. Jams were indeed kicked, and you can listen to me doing the aforementioned kicking right here. Enjoy!

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