Summer Starts Today

Otachi_leatherback_vs_Cherno_ALphaPACIFIC RIM SMASH BOOM BLAM MONSTERS SUCKER PUNCHING ROBOTS SMASH PEW PEW PEW KABOOOOOM! You know, like Battleship, but actually entertaining.

And there’s some other stuff too, I guess.

Byzantium: Neil Jordan goes back to vampires — sexy, sexy vampires — for a thriller with Gemma Arterton and Saiorse Ronan which I still haven’t seen but Rad really enjoyed at TIFF.

Diaz: Don’t Clean Up This Blood: Have you seen Bloody Sunday and Battle in Seattle? Picture a movie that apes them without really adding anything, and that’s Daniele Vicari’s docudrama about the 2001 police assault on a building full of innocent people. Whee!

Fondi ’91: Rad hated, hated, hated Dev Khanna’s semiautobiographical drama. So that’s not a good sign.

Grown Ups 2: I was supposed to see this on Monday night, but the flood saved me. We sent Rad. Poor Rad.

Pacific Rim: GIANT ROBOT MONSTER FIGHT. My inner nine-year-old hasn’t been this happy about a movie in years. I did have to explain why he doesn’t need to watch it again in 3D, though.

Pandora’s Promise: John is on the fence about Robert Stone’s pro-nukes documentary. I would be too.

Syrup: Christ, I hated this movie. Had to watch the Evil Dead remake again afterwards to make sure Shiloh Fernandez really can act. (He can, just not in Syrup.) And poor Amber Heard, who’s wound up in exactly the sort of movie she wants nothing to do with.

And that, as they say, is that. I’m off to New York for a few days, but I’ll update the blog when I can. And I’ll tweet constantly, because that is how I roll. If you’re staying in town, you might want to consider seeing Johnnie To introduce a number of his movies at the Lightbox this weekend, or catching his In Conversation With … appearance Saturday afternoon. There’s some great stuff in there.

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