Summer, Sorta

maxresdefaultWe’re racing to close next week’s paper early — thanks, long weekend! — and there are a lot of movies opening this week, so how’s about another round of the six-word game?

Ben’s At Home: Man stays in, finds love anyway.

Dancing Arabs: An Arab kid grows up in Israel. [Glenn]

Good Kill: Hawke, Niccol: Drones are bad, mmkay?

Hard to Be a God: Cannes sensation opens unscreened. Wanna see. [Limited run starts tomorrow at the Royal, if you’re looking.]

Iris: Albert Maysles’ final subject. That’s enough. [Sabrina]

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck: Grunge’s first martyr, profiled in full. [Carla]

Mad Max: Fury Road: Holy crap, this is great. Seriously.

Pitch Perfect 2: Kind of unnecessary. Which is aca-awkward.

SpringBefore Sunrise, with a monster. Sweet.

Wet Bum: Lindsay MacKay’s debut: Heartfelt, tender drama.

That’s everything! Oh, except for this piece I wrote about the idiotic response from men’s-rights assholes over Charlize Theron having a substantial role in Mad Max: Fury Road. The comments should be … well, whatever the opposite of “thoughtful and amusing” is, I guess.

Anyway, have a good weekend! And if you’re so inclined, go see Fury Road. It’s great, and a strong opening weekend will piss off some really stupid people!

One thought on “Summer, Sorta”

  1. Great piece on the MRA (over)reaction to Mad Max: Fury Road! I am unsurprised that when I followed the link to read the whining (imagined dick-punch would be a great band name) the site tried to give my computer tech-herpes (malware). Should have expected that.

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