So I says to Edith, I says ...Just checking in quickly before the funeral, but I do want to point to a couple of new reviews, just in case you were feeling masochistic about seeing a movie tonight:

Blood and Chocolate“: An American werewolf — sorry, loup-garou — in Romania finds herself awfully conflicted when she falls in love with a rather lunkheaded human, despite all those warnings about how humans are bad, mmkay? If you thought the “Underworld” films were lame and underdeveloped, imagine how bad they’d be without the vampires and the guns. Oh, and the budget. And what the hell is Agnes Bruckner doing in a crappy project like this?

Epic Movie“: The guys who made “Date Movie” are back, and their success has emboldened them distressingly — this one’s even sloppier and more base than the last one, just throwing a bunch of really obvious references and parodies at the screen until there’s enough footage to constitute a feature. (Barely: It’s maybe 80 minutes long.) But this word, “satire” … I do not think it means what you think it means. And yes, I know it made all the money this weekend, but I don’t care. Some people can’t be saved.

Hey, here’s a thought: If you haven’t seen “The Departed” yet, why not see that tonight? It’s really good.

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