Striking While the Franchise is Hot

Dolby True HD really brings out the subtleties in the performanceThis week’s Sympatico/MSN DVD column is up, looking at a new wave of “Star Trek” remasters from Paramount — and one wonderful little ringer. Please take a moment to enjoy it.

Fun fact: You haven’t really seen those “Wrath of Khan” earwigs until you’ve seen them in 1080p/24.

And in a related note, eeew.

3 thoughts on “Striking While the Franchise is Hot”

  1. Norm, FYI only Wrath of Khan was restored from the original film elements. The rest appear to be older broadcast masters with some digital clean-up and tweaking.

    The fanboys are up in arms about it, but of course fanboys will always find something or other to get pissed about.

  2. @ Josh — All six films looked to me like proper film transfers; the difference is that “Khan” is a full restoration, while the other films have been digitally cleaned up and remastered, but not thoroughly overhauled. I’ve been reading some other reviews of the set, and I’m kind of surprised by the disappointment … the newest film in the set is almost twenty years old, what did they expect?

    Now, if you’ve been unfortunate enough to see Alliance’s Canadian BD edition of “Seven”, _that’s_ a broadcast TV master … and it’s atrocious.

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