Stranger Things

This weekend, you can choose the trippy imagery of Doctor Strange, the full-on shroom ride of Trolls or the traumatic carnage of Hacksaw Ridge. But only one can reign … supreme. Whichever you decide to see, I hope you appreciate NOW’s clean-reading new web design. It’s really nice.

The  Best Democracy Money Can Buy: Greg Palast is a terrific journalist and a terrible, terrible filmmaker, as evidenced by this juvenile cannonball through the Republican big lie of voter fraud. Google his name, read his work. Don’t watch this.

Doctor Strange: Benedict Cumberbatch is Stephen Strange in Marvel’s latest origin story, and it turns out that’s a good thing. Also, there’s at least one line that reads funnier when you find out Dan Harmon did punch-up on the script.

The Eagle Huntress: I had some issues with Otto Bell’s documentary about a Kazakh girl determined to compete in a traditionally male Mongolian tournament, and since filing my review it seems the film is even phonier than I suspected. Not cool, executive producer Morgan Spurlock. Not cool.

Gimme Danger: Jim Jarmusch’s Stooges documentary finally gives the punk progenitors their due. Also features Iggy Pop hanging out in his laundry room, which still comes off as immeasurably cool.

Hacksaw Ridge: Mel Gibson really, really, really, really loves persecution narratives. Oh, and carnage. With this WWII drama, he’s finally found a way to stitch the two together.

Lavender: Abbie Cornish gives a great performance in Ed Gass-Donnelly’s slow-burn horror movie, which works quite well until it doesn’t.

Rush: Time Stand Still: Dale Heslip follows Canada’s power trio as they hit the road one last time, and comes out the other end with an oddly moving documentary about growing old on one’s own terms.

Trolls: A lot of people have suggested that the latest from DreamWorks Animation feels like a shroom trip. Rad goes into a little more detail.

… boom! Done! Well, except for the five film festivals I have to push through this weekend. Never a dull moment, you know.

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