Still Fighting the Future

I am trudging down to see a very long movie today, so let’s just get to the roundup:

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet: A psychic coming-of-age story? Interesting.

The Cave: Fayyad’s doc feels a little calculated.

Harriet: Cynthia Erivo supercharges Lemmons’ Tubman biopic.  [Chaka]

Motherless Brooklyn: Norton does Lethem, in period. Huh.

Synonyms: Israeli expat goes to Paris, spirals? [Kevin]

Terminator: Dark Fate: Linda Hamilton returns, movie is fine.

I also reviewed the new half-season of Bojack Horseman and the new HBO/BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials, if you were curious about either of those.

Oh! And! Secret Movie Club returns to the Lightbox this Sunday at 10:30 am, and we’ve lined up a really, really, really good Toronto premiere for y’all, along with a post-screening conversation with one of my favorite filmmakers of the decade. Come on down, and see who it is! Also, we’ll have pastries.

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