Step Back to Reality

And yet there's an emptiness insideIt’s Hot Docs time again — yay! Seriously, yay; it’s a terrific festival, and as someone who’s been watching documentaries for five straight weeks now, the fact that I still want to watch more of them says it all.

The latest issue of NOW features our very first Hot Docs supplement. Check out the cover story, in which I interview the director and subject of “The Story of Furious Pete”, a fascinating and disturbing if not quite entirely satisfying look at a Canadian competitive eater with a unique backstory. Oh, and then you’ll want to flip to the paper proper for my piece on the Ripping Reality retrospective, which highlights ten influential docs from the past decade.

Also in this issue, you’ll find my interview with Matthew Bissonnette, his brother Joel and their friend Adam Scott, who made “Passenger Side” together, which you may remember me enjoying quite a bit. And though it hasn’t gone up yet, there’ll be an online Q&A with Samuel Bayer, director of the new “Nightmare on Elm Street”. I’ll link to it as soon as It’s live!

Haven’t I been telling you I’ve been busy?