Squad Goals

Everybody got out of Suicide Squad‘s way — which may not have been the smartest move, as it turns out — so this is a relatively quiet week for releases. But don’t worry, there’s like a dozen pictures coming next week.

Germans & Jews: Janina Quint’s documentary explores the reconciliation of former enemies and finds some really lovely moments of hope for humanity in general. Which, frankly, we kinda need right now.

How He Fell in Love: Marc Meyers’ low-key drama charts the arc of an affair between a thirtyish man (Matt McGorry) and a fortyish woman (Amy Hargreaves).

Indignation: In his directorial debut, James Schamus seems so intent on capturing the details of Philip Roth’s novel that he forgets to bring the story to life … wasting some good work by Logan Lerman, Sarah Gadon and Tracy Letts in the process.

Little Men: Ira Sachs’ latest is an exquisite study of two kids whose friendship is threatened by real estate, pride and culture. You know, Brooklyn in a microcosm. Don’t miss it.

Multiple Maniacs: John Waters’ long-lost second feature returns in a 4K digital restoration that really brings out the sleaze. A total mess, but a glorious one. Check it out.

Nine Lives: Kevin Spacey is a talking cat!?! They didn’t screen it for us, so who knows? (UPDATE: That Rad, what a trouper.)

Suicide Squad:After months of marketing and speculation, David Ayer’s great big DC picture is here, and it’s a mess. Shorter than Tank Bat V Murderman, though, so that’s something.

And that’s everything. Oh, except that if you’re a SiriusXM subscriber, you can catch me Saturday afternoon on Sit Down with Alfred and Chris, talking about the DC fanboy pushback against Rotten Tomatoes over Suicide Squad. It’s on Sirius Insight, channel 121; I’m going on around 3:30 pm Eastern time. Listen in! Hear what’s what!

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