Sometimes, Nobody Wins

My dear friend Michael O’Connor Clarke — who midwifed this blog in a couple of very real ways — died yesterday after a battle with cancer that was both far too short and far too long.

His friends have known this was coming for a while, but that doesn’t really help in the moment, now, does it? No, it does not. Hug your loved ones, throw some money at cancer research. It’d be really nice if nobody else gets sick this year.

Though I will say that when you’re in the depths of despairing grief, you really don’t give a fuck that “Taken 2” squeaked past “Argo” to hold the top spot at the ¬†box-office.

I mean, I don’t, anyway.

One thought on “Sometimes, Nobody Wins”

  1. My sincerest condoleances on the loss of your friend. Having lost so many close ones to cancer myself, I know what place you’re in right now.

    Also, love the new blog theme. Nice!

    Have a great week, despite the sad news.


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