Some Personal News

So my dad died last week. Massive coronary early Wednesday morning, gone before the paramedics could arrive. I’ve spent the ensuing time trying to get my head around it, which is to be expected; I think I’m still in the numb-and-coping stage, but that’s okay. It’s nice here, and people keep bringing me cake.

I wrote about it in Shiny Things last week, so I’ll direct your attention there — it’s a free post, no subscription required, though if you want to sign up you’d be more than welcome.

Everything else got derailed, but fortunately I had an episode of Someone Else’s Movie in the archive that was nicely suited to the calendar: Remember in 2015, when Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead joined me to nerd out about Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous? Maybe not, because it was one of the titles taken offline in Frequency’s server migration a while back.

But now that their very, very good new genre thing Something in the Dirt is opening in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, and coming to VOD in Canada later this month, I’m putting it out again! And it’s surprisingly listenable, given how new the show was.

Go get it! Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcher or wherever you find your podcasts, or download it directly from the web. It’s nice to open a window into a nicer, more innocent time before all our worlds went to hell.

Oh, and speaking of places shrouded in darkness, I’ll be back at TIFF this Friday evening for a preview screening of Ali Abassi’s Cannes-honored thriller Holy Spider, followed by a conversation with Ali. You should come! Tickets are available right here. It’s a really good thriller, and it’ll be nice to get back in front of a crowd.

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